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UKRAINIAN ID – The International Economic and Humanitarian Forum is intended to become the most influential independent international dialogue platform of Eastern Europe. The forum will be held annually in the city of Kaniv – a place of exceptional importance for Ukrainians around the world.

Our aim: to create an efficient communication space to elaborate global strategy for tomorrow that starts today.

Our tasks: to engage Ukrainian stakeholders and world opinion leaders to develop the strategy for a successful country: find efficient models, approaches and solutions to build a free, educated, inclusive and sustainable society in global scale.

Our values: human capital development, unity of economic and humanitarian domains, efficient international dialogue towards peace and achieving Sustainable Development Goals.

Taras Shevchenko Museum
Kaniv, Cherkasy region
19000, Ukraine

June 12th 2020.

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The Main Dialogue Platform of Eastern Europe

International economic and humanitarian forum Ukrainian ID is a unique platform for global dialogue. Following the example of Davos, Ukrainian ID will be held annually in Kaniv, a place of an exceptional importance to all Ukrainians. Forum is aimed to generate strategies, meanings and solutions, which are applicable worldwide, as well as to foster economic, financial and cultural relations among communities globally. Within our hierarchy of values, the humanitarian aspect is of equal worth to economic, since there cannot be a successful economy in a country where the society is on the brink of a humanitarian default. We emphasize on the development of the economy, as well as the human capital. This is the main difference between Ukrainian ID and the rest of the ambitious political and economic platforms. Join us in establishing a new paradigm for a better world!

Nataliia Zabolotna
President of the Ukrainian ID Forum

Ukrainian ID awards

Annual international Ukrainian ID Awards is an independent distinction of the Ukrainian ID Forum for outstanding achievements and efficient practices in the name of prosperity and humanization of the humankind, at the service of responsible global development.
The Award can distinguish any prominent personality in any domain, as well as reputable organizations (except political) in three nominations:

  • For the humanization of society
  • For the cultivation of cultural capital
  • Human Security

The Awards will be given annually during a special ceremony in Kaniv, attended by honored guests of the International Forum Ukrainian ID, nominees and recognized social influencers.

Winners Ukrainian ID awards 2018

Constitution of Values

The final communique of the UKRAINIAN ID Forum in 2019 will be the “Constitution of Values” is a collection of fundamental installations for a healthy society and a successful state. This is the result of the collective work of leaders of opinion of Ukraine and the world, visionaries and proactive citizens, a certain set of rules that must be generated and implemented by Ukrainian society as a full participant in the most important world processes.


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why Kaniv

Kaniv city is a geographical and spiritual center of Ukraine. Historically, it is іinextricably intertwined with the main cultural brand of Ukraine – poet Taras Shevchenko. As lately as 25-30 years, the city has been the key direction for the cultural tourism among Ukrainians And guests of our country: they’ve been accounted in hundreds of thousands of people. However, economic, political and humanitarian crises beginning with Ukrainian independency has stopped this flow and the city’s infrastructure is coping with decay not for The first decade.

how to get


chopper into Kaniv that hosts the biggest helipad in Ukraine


sail into Kaniv on a speed boat or yacht (2 to 4 hours) to a modern riverside station


1 – 1,5 hour drive from Kyiv. Shuttle-buses will depart every hour from Kyiv and every two hours from Cherkasy during 24 hours

Taras Shevchenko Museum

Kaniv, Cherkasy region 19000, Ukraine